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Misha likes: strawberry-flavoured things, white peacocks, and exploring secret passageways.
Misha loathes: envy, hair splinters, and finding ancient things far inside the fridge.

Work done:
- face completely sand-matted
- nose, philtrum, mouth carving
- new face up sealed between layers and overall with MSC
- four pairs new ooak eyechips
- new eyelashes
- decoupaged eyelids
- boggled, gaze corrected, sleepy eyes, new pulls
- tilty Licca body
Misha has a small "scuff" on her forehead that for some reason refused to "take" colour or MSC. It isn't actually a scuff, but rather something within the plastic surface, and does not show up in photographs (as you can see). She had it right out of the box (she was purchased brand-new) but it is completely hidden by her fringe. Misha is a brand new, original Blythe Bohemian Peace, with a scalp full of white blonde curls (scalp is tan, but does not show). She will travel in a cute dress of my choosing, with her stock things, in her stock box. Please remember that as a custom handmade doll, she is not perfect and may have minor flaws, but that's what makes her special and unique.


♥ Layaway accepted :) Please read through our shop policies thoroughly -- most questions will already be answered there.
♥ Shipping overage will be refunded if you choose a lower shipping option.
♥ Adoptions are on a "first come, first served" basis; Misha will go to the first person who sends payment or puts down a reservation deposit.

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