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Tilda likes: puppies, dabbling in brooks, and making people happy.
Tilda loathes: cowardice, false friends, and people who text while walking.

Work done:
- face completely sand-matted
- nose, philtrum, open mouth carving (teeth inside)
- new face up sealed between layers and overall with MSC
- four pairs new eyechips
- new eyelashes
- decoupaged eyelids
- sleepy eyes, boggled, gaze corrected, new pulls
- original auburn hair washed and cut
- tilty Licca body *please ignore the body she has in her pictures -- I use it so as to avoid handling her original body excessively.
Tilda is an original Blythe Cassiopeia Spice with either her original auburn hair or a cute brunette bobbed wig. She will travel in a cute dress of my choosing, with her stock things, in her stock box. Her wig fits securely and isn't glued down in case her mommy wants the freedom of wearing different hairstyles (this is really fun!); if you'd like it affixed, just let me know or I'll send her as is. Please remember that as a custom handmade doll, she is not perfect and may have minor flaws, but that's what makes her special and unique.


♥ Layaway accepted :) Please read through our shop policies thoroughly -- most questions will already be answered there.
♥ Adoptions are on a "first come, first served" basis; Tilda will go to the first person who sends payment or puts down a reservation deposit.

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