* announcement re my Flickr account *

I have just realised that my Flickr account -- with all my dolly photos from over the years -- has disappeared/been deleted/gone into hiding/packed up and joined the circus. Oddly enough, I also realise that the timing of it coincided with my renewing my Flickr Pro account just three days ago -- hm. Googling myself shows the photos, but when I click on them, I get an error message saying they no longer exist. I've just written in to Flickr asking them what has happened and trust to hear back from them soon. Thankfully I do have all my photos stored elsewhere (having this happen is still kinda sucky though), hence the importance of always backing up your files.. In the meantime, I will be exploring other more dependable -- or less stress-inducing -- image hosting services (if you have any to suggest, please feel free to email me). I'm writing this just in case anyone wonders where my Flickr photos have gone; I will update here and share my views when I've received Flickr's reply.

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